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Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder that gradually destroys memory and other important mental functions. Around 5 and a half million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease. What is even more shocking is that more than half of those don’t even know they are living with it.

Alzheimer’s slowly results in the degeneration of brain cell connections and the cell themselves. At its worst, it can lead to other problems like personality changes, memory loss, and loss of independence.

The reason we are emphasizing about it today is because of a new study that sheds some light on the possible connection of brain problems with Trans-fats.

The Study

In a new study published by the Journal of Neurology, researchers studied more than 1600 Japanese men and women over the course of a decade. Some of them had Alzheimer’s, and some didn’t.
After intricately monitoring their diets and lifestyle choices, and adjusting for factors contributing to Alzheimer’s, the study found that individuals who had the highest amount of trans fat molecules in their body were 52% to 72% more likely to develop case of dementia compared to people who had no or less trans-fat in their system. Thus, clearly drawing a link between Trans fats and brain problems like Alzheimer’s

There was already strong evidence of Trans fats resulting from heart diseases and diabetes, and now the fact that it has also been linked to brain issues only goes to show how harmful Trans fats actually are to our body.

Questions Regarding Trans Fat Ban in America

Now, as an American, you might wonder how this study is relevant to you as Trans fats were officially banned in America since 2015. But, what many don’t know is that the FDA, aka the U.S Food and Drug Administration, has given a number of extensions to many food industries, allowing them to use trans-fats in their products with impunity.

According to the same FDA, if a food product has less than half a gram of Trans fat, it can be labeled as Trans-fat free. Now the question you need to ask is how many of those food products marketed in giant fonts as; TRANS-FAT FREE! are actually true.

Precautions You Can Take

Most trans-fat heavy food are listed below:

1. Pastries
2.  Processed Food
3. Fast/Fried Food
4. Ice Cream
5. Croissants
6. Margarine
7.  Candy
8.  Rice Crackers
9. Nondairy creamers

Trans Fats1

All of these foods are potent sources of Trans-fats. Some of them like pastries are so addictive that it can cause people to overeat them and as a result, overload on Trans-fats. Even a small amount of trans fat is harmful to your body.

Apart from avoiding trans fats, you can also protect your brain against the dangers of Alzheimer’s by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, following a strict exercise routine, and keep your mind busy by engaging in activities like reading, solving puzzles, and learning new hobbies.

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