The Chiropractic school of thought lays a strong emphasis on anatomy, physiology, spinal biomechanics, and radiology. Chiropractors now deal with the entire function of the body as they understand its link with the spine and nervous system.

A seven yearlong study that looked at the retention rates of hospital patients found that people who were under regular chiropractic care experienced 60 % fewer hospital admissions, 59% fewer days in the hospital and 85% reduced pharmaceutical costs.

As such, it is hard to argue against the many benefits that Chiropractic treatment has for our body.
Chiropractic not only alleviates pain but also heals and prevents systemic problems from impacting the quality of your life.

To understand how Chiropractic therapy helps our body, let’s look at some of its merits.

1. Correcting Spine Misalignments

Chiropractic therapy is mostly focused on dealing with spine misalignment that if ignored for a long time can lead to disease. Spine Misalignments or vertebral subluxation is an imbalance of the vertebra that applies pressure to the nerve roots corresponding to that segment, thus affecting the neuronal impulses.

Subluxations are mostly caused by Physical, chemical, and emotional stress experienced by the body. Research shows that around 90% of these subluxations go undetected. Chiropractic therapy heals spinal misalignments, and as a result, also reduces stress, anxiety, fatigue and can improve gastrointestinal function and sleep.

When the spine is aligned, it means we are in good health. If it is not aligned, undesirable symptoms can start creeping up.

2. Alleviates Headaches

Chronic headaches can result from abnormal positioning of the head, which can be further detrimental due to pressure on the spinal nerves in the neck. Chiropractic treatment removes obstructions to the nerve impulses by aligning the vertebrae in the neck, correcting muscle imbalances in the neck and upper back region, and correcting any anatomical abnormality such as an abnormal curvature to the spinal cord.

3. Pregnancy

Women can experience back pain because of change of weight distribution on the pelvis and joints throughout pregnancy. Chiropractic care can alleviate the pain felt during pregnancy, making the entire period as comfortable as possible for them. It can also reduce the chances of complications that may arise during labor and delivery.

4. Healing Spinal Degeneration

The degeneration of our spines can be due to age, stress, and minimal body mobility. All these factors can cause significant wear and tear of the body, especially of the spine. A sedentary lifestyle can affect the joint stability of the spine.

To counteract a sedentary lifestyle, the body deposits the area with calcium to stabilize the joints, which furthers the process of spinal degeneration. The ongoing impediment of bone spurs can then lead to long term bio-mechanical health issues. Chiropractic therapy induces fundamental movement to diffuse nutrients into the discs, thus keeping them consistently hydrated and well maintained.

5. Healing Bone Spurs

As mentioned above, spinal degeneration is a result of calcium deposits that lead to bone spurs. Chiropractic therapy works to break up adhesions caused by chemical deposits, thus increasing the mobility of an ailing spine.

This helps in relieving pressure on the spinal nerve, reducing stress, and irritation. As chiropractic care heals these issues, they result in the body restoring its proper function and the individual enjoying significant health benefits.

6. Addressing Conditions Such as tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, and hypertension

Researches have shown conditions like Meniere’s, tinnitus, and hypertension being normalized under chiropractic care. Meniere’s is an inner ear disorder that affects hearing. The vestibular nerve plays a vital role in the functioning of our inner ear. Subluxation in the first vertebra can put intense pressure on the brain stem, thus causing inner-ear dysfunction.

The inner ear dysfunction thus causes tinnitus, hearing loss, and Meniere’s. Chiropractic therapy works to take off the pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, thus not only preventing such conditions but also improving blood pressure of the body.

7. Healing Accidental Injuries

Car accidents and sports injuries can damage the spine, muscles, and ligaments of our body.

Chiropractors are licensed experts in physiotherapy that works to mobilize and heal the soft tissues. They also prescribe exercise that helps strengthen and re-balance damaged muscles and restore hypertonic muscles and strained ligaments.

Chiropractors are also using modern techniques like deep tissue laser therapy that repairs damaged tissue cells and mitochondria, and restores cell functionality. This helps in increasing ATP and reducing the inflammatory responses of the injury.

Many people have experienced positive results from this noninvasive laser therapy. Patients reported increased motion and decreased or no pain after just a few sessions.


The Role of Corrective Exercise in Modern Chiropractic

Most people today live a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, many of these people walk around with hypertonicity in their bodies. This leads to a plethora of other issues such as muscle spasms, damage to ligaments, and imbalances in the muscles which all lead to subsequent injuries.

If left unattended, this can lead to spine misalignment and put pressure on our nerves. Chiropractors and holistic practitioners often advise their clients in specific exercises to stretch their muscles regularly. You can design your exercise and stability regimen with the help of a reputed practitioner.

 The Role of Nutrition in Modern Chiropractic

Chiropractors often advise their patients in nutrient specific protocols that include vitamins, minerals, amino acid therapies, and other botanicals to complement the undergoing therapy.

Omega 3 supplements and food are also often advised to relieve joint pain, including the pain of the spinal column and recovery from concussions caused from motor vehicle accidents or sports injuries for example.

Pain is a way for the body to alert us of impending problems occurring in the body. Whether in pain or not, everyone benefits from visiting a chiropractor as a part of their holistic approach in regaining and maintaining their health.

Prevention is better than cure.  This is the underlying motto of the holistic chiropractic approach. By utilizing the right amount of nutrition, exercise, stress management and bio-mechanical therapies, chiropractors not only get top results when it comes to healing bio-mechanical issues, but they are the most sought out specialists when it comes to maintaining a healthy body.

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