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Holistic healing therapy abides by these same principles. A holistic approach to therapy looks into the complex nature of conditions such as addiction, anxiety, and depression, using a variety of techniques that focus on both the mind and body.

Holistic therapy is a response to what some people see as a more reactionary approach to health – the tendency to address symptoms only, instead of finding and addressing the root cause or addressing a confluence of several contributing factors. Lots of people who have felt like conventional approach has failed them have turned to holistic therapy in hopes that their specialists will understand the complex nature of their disease, dig deeper into the source(s) of the problem, and focus their therapy on the whole individual, not only the obvious symptoms.

For example, someone with chronic pain may come to a holistic therapist to check out possible psychological sources of their suffering. Anxiety and stress can contribute to chronic pain, and if an emotional issue or past trauma is the source of that stress, dealing with it might alleviate chronic pain to a specific level. While the holistic approach may certainly be part of a person’s therapy, a holistic approach may consist of other therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy to address unresolved issues and triggers, relaxation techniques, massage, and more.

How Holistic Therapy Works?

To start, the therapist will learn more about people. For therapy to be effective, there should be a sense of trust between therapist and people. Understanding the person’s concerns and goals and genuinely listening will help the therapist to understand the people’s worldview and what they are looking to leave therapy. This connection between people and the therapist is called the “healing alliance.”

The therapist can then figure out the best course of therapy. Holistic therapy might include any or all of these approaches, and more, separately or combined:

• Psychotherapy
• Gestalt therapy
• Art therapy
• Breath therapy
• Mindfulness awareness/meditation
• Hypnotherapy
• Guided imagery

The therapist is also likely to advise any number of other holistic approaches, such as yogaacupuncture, journaling, and more, depending upon the requirements and desires of the person.

Approaches of holistic therapy


Psychosynthesis a form of holistic therapy grounded in the idea that all living beings naturally make every effort to become the maximum awareness of themselves, and the best way to grow is to cooperate with this natural tendency consciously. Human beings are uniquely capable of facilitating and understanding this procedure through therapy, meditation, self-reflection, and any number of other methods one may prefer.

The point of psychosynthesis is to integrate these and all theories to make sure that persons experience overall healing and can recognize their full capacity and express the “Self” in the purest, most natural way possible. The Self describes a person’s essence – who they truly are under all the baggage, expectations, and defenses that every person tends to develop. With “compassionate attention.”

CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) therapies consist of:

• Homeopathy:

Using tiny, diluted amounts of substances that are thought to activate the body’s natural defenses, curing health problems without the side effects of conventional approaches.

• Magnetic therapy:

The use of magnets, often placed in bracelets, shoe inserts, or headbands, to improve blood flow, based upon the fact that the body contains iron.

• Reflexology:

The theory that there are pressure points on the body, especially the hands and feet, that can create physical change in the rest of the body.

• Reiki:

Spiritual practice includes placing hands-on or only above the person’s body to transmit healing energy.

Some other alternative therapy, even those to have shown a positive therapeutic effect compared to placebo, is not well understood in a purely scientific sense, resulting in suspicion and some cases outright dismissal.

Lots of medical and mental health specialists recognize the potential benefits of various alternative and holistic therapies.

CAM therapies consist of
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