Why that Tiny Bit of Gluten you are Eating is a Major Barrier to Healing

by Ann Hutyra

Being gluten free is pretty commonplace these days. We likely all know someone who is gluten free, or maybe you’re gluten free yourself. More and more people are making the choice to remove wheat and gluten from their diet, mainly because they find out they just feel better when they do.

So what’s the big deal with gluten anyway?

Let’s start with understanding what gluten actually is. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. Over time, different farming practices combined with genetic modification of these grains has caused the gluten protein to grow in size. Many scientists and experts believe this is the reason that so many people are developing gluten sensitivities, intolerances, and even celiac disease. There’s also the glyphosate factor, and the excessive use of this pesticide is linked to wheat and other food sensitivities (but that’s a whole other conversation!)

The latest statistics say 7 in 10 people have a reaction to gluten, and most don’t know because they don’t have immediate symptoms they can correlate with gluten ingestion. Meaning, they eat it, and don’t get sick right away — so they think all is well with gluten. That is just not true for most people — 70% of people to be more precise.

Did you know there are more than 300 symptoms that can be associated with a gluten reaction? They include:

●  Headaches and migraines
●  Constipation or diarrhea or BOTH alternating
●  Bloating
●  Chronic fatigue
●  Depression & anxiety
●  Inability to lose (or gain) weight
●  Skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, etc.)
●  Thyroid problems
●  Hormone imbalance
●  Joint pain & body pain
●  Anemia
●  Nutrient deficiencies
●  Miscarriage
●  And MANY, MANY more….

I tell my clients all the time — consider that GLUTEN is a major root cause of your symptoms and inability to heal. And I often get the same answers…

“I’ve already tried going gluten free for a few weeks and didn’t feel any better….” or 

“I have been about 95% gluten free for years, and my symptoms haven’t changed…” 

I really can’t tell you how many times I have heard variations of those responses. Very simply put, being 95% gluten free is NOT enough to calm an inflammatory response from gluten, and 2 weeks (even two months) is not nearly long enough in the majority of cases for that inflammatory response to calm down.

Did you know that it takes an amount as small as a few breadcrumbs of gluten to cause an inflammatory response in the body? A few breadcrumbs! That’s a tiny amount.

Did you also know that an inflammatory response from gluten can last up to 6 months? Meaning, if you have just a few breadcrumbs every 5 to 6 months, you are restarting that inflammatory cycle every time. The body never gets a chance to calm the immune response and shift to healing if you’re 95% gluten free. With a gluten free lifestyle — either you’re gluten free or not, there’s no gray area.

Going 100% gluten free, even checking to make sure there’s no gluten in your body care and makeup products, will always be what I recommend to my clients with any level of gluten sensitivity.

If you find yourself needing some help with adopting a fully gluten free lifestyle, we can help!

After a Celiac diagnosis of my own, It has become my passion to help other people have an easier transition into a gluten free lifestyle — in fact, I am so passionate about it — I have taken all the tips and tricks I have learned over the past 10 years and compiled that into an easy 8-week course for you!

I am so excited to announce the launch of “Gluten Freedom: An 8-Week Journey to Eliminating Gluten and Reclaiming Your Health.”

This 8-week program will take you through all you need to know to be successful at a gluten free lifestyle, including:
●  What to eat and not eat
●  What products are safe to eat
●  Why some gluten free labeled products are NOT safe
●  How to label read for gluten (you’ll never see the word gluten in an ingredient list!)
Why your body care needs to be gluten free
●  What symptoms can be associated with gluten sensitivity
●  What testing option is my favorite
●  Why prebiotics are crucial, and how to get them through food
●  Why pathogenic infection is so common with gluten sensitivity and how to address it
●  How to ultimately heal your gut
●  And so much more!

“Gluten Freedom: An 8-Week Journey to Eliminating Gluten and Reclaiming Your Health” is available for you to purchase starting today, for the special “Early Bird” price of only $77! This is a special introductory price and won’t be available for long. As part of the course, one module will be available each week for you to watch at your own pace, starting on June 24th. You can learn more here…

Secure your “early bird” pricing for your 8 Week Gluten Freedom Course Now!

I am really excited for you to join me on this journey and learn how adopting a gluten free lifestyle can be life changing without having to be complicated. I’ll see you in class!

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