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The Story of Fran, who healed from Severe Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, and Anxiety…

If you have followed us, you’ve heard me say, “You are NOT broken. There ARE answers, and there ARE solutions!” And the clients who we have had the honor of working with have been able to personally witness this truth because they chose us as their guides to show them how they can heal, no matter how old they are or how long they had been sick.

It’s not new news that people around the world are sicker than they have ever been with chronic disease and brain-related conditions of every kind showing up at alarmingly high rates, higher than we have ever seen. It’s obvious that the medical system is broken, and people are now more aware that prescriptions and surgeries, while life-saving for emergencies offer no cures for almost any symptom, condition, or disease when the only solution offered is prescription medications or surgery.

The good news is that there ARE solutions that are reversing chronic illnesses, and these solutions are natural. And best of all these solutions are truly working to help people heal themselves from their chronic conditions.

Today I want to share with you a case study from one of our clients, Fran. Fran is a 65-year-old female who came to us after having suffered with many symptoms and conditions for well over 5 years. She had very severe symptoms including inflammation, joint pain, loss of strength, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, and a few more, all being severe. On a scale of 0 to 10, most of her symptoms were rated as most severe (10). Take a look at her symptom sheet below…

0 = no more symptom or condition
10 = symptom or condition is at its worst

Before finding out about us through our Inflammation Masterclass, Fran had been to multiple doctors with no relief in her symptoms or conditions in over 5 years. During our strategy session with Fran, we decided to recommend some lab work to look for root causes as to why she was experiencing all her symptoms and conditions. We ran labs to look for mold, environmental chemical toxins, food sensitivities, gut function, and we even ordered a special test called a wheat zoomer so we could see how her body and brain might be reacting to the different components of wheat, including gluten.

Fran’s lab results came back revealing that she had toxic molds in her body, chemical toxins, infections including parasites, and they also showed that she had leaky gut, body-wide inflammation, reactions to gluten and other foods, and her cells and mitochondria were under great stress.

One of the toxic molds found in her body was a mold called Chaetoglobosin A, which is a VERY toxic mold that is known to cause severe symptoms of brain-related conditions like anxiety, brain fog, inflammation, and fatigue… ALL of which Fran was suffering from. In fact, toxic mold like this one can be so damaging to the brain and body that it can be a root cause of Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s.

We put Fran through our 12-Month Brain and Body Restoration Program where we focused on eliminating the root causes of why she had become ill and unable to heal. Fran also had her house tested for this toxic mold and was able to verify that she did indeed have this toxic mold in her home, so she had the mold remediated (removed).

In less than a year in our Brain and Body Restoration Program, Fran was able to eliminate the toxins, mold, and infections from her body, and her symptoms disappeared. Take a look below at her before and after pictures of her

It’s also worth pointing out that toxic mold was not the only root cause of Fran’s symptoms. She also had a Giardia infection (her before and after are shown above). This pathogen is also known to cause some of the symptoms and conditions Fran was experiencing, like anxiety and brain fog. See the picture below where I show some studies on how Giardia can cause brain-related symptoms…

…fortunately for Fran, she never experienced suicide attempts, but her anxiety was severe until she discovered and then eliminated the mold toxicity and the infections, both of which are known to contribute to anxiety just like Fran was experiencing.

In addition to Fran’s toxic mold and infections, her labs also revealed several chemical toxins including a very toxic chemical called Phenylglyoxylic Acid (or PGO), which is used in the manufacturing of plastics, building materials, and is also found in car exhaust fumes. This chemical adversely impacts the central nervous system, causing the same issues Fran was suffering from, including decreased concentration, fatigue, and muscle weakness. In Fran’s work with us, she also learned how to eliminate chemical toxins from her body, and as you can see in the image below, it took around

Once Fran eliminated her mold, infections, and chemical toxins, her symptoms improved greatly. Take a look once again at her symptom sheet below so that you can see how her healing journey progressed.

Fran found the answers and solutions she was looking for and was not only able to heal herself and get her health back, but she also got her life back. It took time and a serious commitment to her self care, and Fran says her efforts were worth it 100 percent.

If you have been looking for answers and solutions, and our approach resonates with you, simply reach out and have a conversation with one of our amazing coaches. We love what we do, and we love making an impact, just like with Fran. It’s our expertise, and it’s what we do best!

I hope this fills you with hope that you too can heal! If you want more inspiration, check out our testimonials page on our website – here.

You can schedule your first visit with Ann or Mark HERE to find out how we can help you.

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