The Rebirth of Medicine: Out of the Ashes of our Broken Medical System

Our world now faces the reality that our medical system is fractured, leaving us dealing with a skyrocketing and alarming pandemic of people suffering from “incurable” chronic illnesses of every kind. From brain-related conditions and diseases to autoimmune diseases, people of younger and younger ages are falling victim to conditions that lead to long-term suffering without any answers or solutions.

The once-trusted medical system lies in shambles, incapable of providing hope or lasting relief. We’ve awakened to the stark reality that prescriptions and surgeries, though vital in emergencies, are simply not enough and have not cured or prevented the diseases and illnesses that are now running rampant around the globe.

At Modern Holistic Health, we have embarked on a powerful mission, our purpose fueled by a shared belief: “You are NOT broken. There ARE answers, and there ARE solutions!” This truth has illuminated the path for thousands around the world like you who learned about our approaches and our clients’ successes and ultimately chose us as their guiding light towards healing and transformation, age and years of struggle no longer defining them.

In this world where chronic diseases and brain-related conditions are burgeoning like never before, it’s clear that our medical system and the politics surrounding it need massive change.

And out of the ashes of our broken medical system, a rebirth of answers and solutions, healing and health is emerging! As people awaken to the realization that prescriptions and surgeries may not hold the answers they seek, we’re here to illuminate the path to genuine healing, health, and vitality.

We have inspiring stories of healing and testimonials coming in every day from people just like you who were once sick, suffering, and losing hope because the old and outdated medical approach failed them. But they are not sick anymore! No matter whether they had autoimmune disease, diabetes, mental health conditions, severe gut issues, or any other severe condition, the stories our clients are sharing will inspire you and fill you with hope that you too have the ability to heal and break your cycle of suffering.

You CAN heal and you CAN have the life you truly deserve!

Nancy, now age 69, is one such story of inspiration. She came to us suffering from severe diabetes that by most medical standards was out of control. Learning more about Nancy’s history, we discovered that her diabetes started after she experienced severe emotional trauma two years before.

In fact, her body was not responding to any of her prescribed medications. Nancy’s HbA1c (one of the blood markers used to determine diabetes) was at 12.9. For reference, any number above 5.7 is considered to be in range for the pathological disease of diabetes. At 12.9 her diabetes marker was more than double!

By the end of her first year working with our team at Modern Holistic Health, Nancy went on to say that she was amazed and surprised by what she had accomplished under the guidance of her practitioners at Modern Holistic Health during the time she worked with the MHH team.

You see, Nancy learned how to bring down her HbA1c from 12.9 to 5.4 without drugs!

Nancy went on to say that learning to dedicate her time and effort to take responsibility for her own healing – while challenging at times because learning how to operate her body and mind for healing, health, and optimization was new to her – was still the best decision she ever made in regards to her ability to heal and become fully healthy and whole again.

Her biggest takeaway was that she simply needed to take those first steps and follow our process. Nancy continues mentoring and working with us because she is now focused on optimization and anti-aging which she is loving because of the renewed youthfulness and energy she now gets to experience.

Dennis is another amazing individual who came to Modern Holistic Health knowing he would find answers and solutions to his list of health concerns…

Dennis has experienced many health issues with Allopathic Medicine including believing that he had been permanently injured by an MD after having a severe gout attack where the doctor prescribed way too much Prednisone. The prednisone prescription was too strong for him and ended up causing a severe sleep disorder called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS), where for 6 years Dennis was not able to fall asleep until around 6 every morning… so for years Dennis literally could not sleep!

“This condition lasted for about 6 years until I started working with Dr. V.” said Dennis.

In addition to resolving this severe sleep disorder caused by over-medicating, he also was able to heal from his high blood pressure, his eczema finally went away, his gut issues have resolved, and his nerve pain and arthritis have healed too!

“Dr. V’s team is amazing! They are all very friendly and helpful. They do a great job of answering any questions that I have. They each have their specialty and everyone that I’ve had the pleasure of working with has been superb.”

“We have regularly scheduled mentoring and coaching calls where we can learn new aspects of healing and share our successes. This is so incredible to help the healing process and provides a sometimes-needed boost of morale and confidence as we go through our journey.”

It truly requires a certain type of approach that combines the latest and most advanced methods for addressing ALL facets of the human condition in order to see the types of results we are seeing. It’s complex but not complicated, and it’s time that everyone has access to answers and solutions that actually work.

The remarkable individuals we’ve had the privilege of guiding can attest to this profound truth as they have reclaimed their health and vitality, breaking the chains of chronic illness and suffering that once defined them.

You too can heal… you just need to follow a plan of action that works, with expert practitioners who collaborate together for YOU.

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